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Exploring Physics with Video Games Documents

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Exploring Physics with Video Games 

written by Francisco Esquembre and Aaron Titus

This innovative eBook uses games to teach physics and uses physics to teach games, making learning physics and gaming more fun than you ever imagined. As the first interactive eBook to combine games and physics, we are exploring how to use Easy Java Simulations to deliver fun, educational eBooks.  Easy Java Simulations creates Apple widgets and that are then imported into iBook Author to create ibooks that can be read on Apple devices.  An ePub 3 edition of this book is expected in summer 2016.

In Chapter 02: Coordinates, the reader uses the game Frogger to learn about coordinates, distance traveled, and displacement. Exercises at the end of the chapter can be used to test your understanding.  Additional chapters will be added to this eBook as they are developed.

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