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Let It Roll: Tracker Translational and Rotational Motion Experiment Documents

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Main Document

Let It Roll: Tracker Translational and Rotational Motion Experiment 

written by Jennifer Campbell and Brant Breeding

This Tracker video analysis experiment determine the mathematical relationship between the linear velocity and the rotational velocity of disk rolling on an incline.  A lesson plan aligning this activity with the NGSS and Arkansas Science Standards is included.

A trz file is a zip file that contains additional information for Tracker.  It can also be opened with standard zip tools to extract the lesson plan and video clips.

Published July 2, 2014
Last Modified July 2, 2014

Supplemental Documents

Let It Roll Lesson Plan 

A lesson plan to accompany the Let it Roll Tracker Experiment.

Last Modified July 2, 2014

This file is included in the full-text index.

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