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EasyJavaSimulations meets Moodle, Arduino and (walks towards) the iPad Documents

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EasyJavaSimulations meets Moodle, Arduino and (walks towards) the iPad 

written by Francisco Esquembre

Easy Java Simulations (EJS) is a modeling and authoring tool that helps teachers and students create interactive simulations of physics processes. We show in this talk some new additions to EJS that help integrate EJS applets with on-line courses and laboratory activities. In particular, we show how to embed EJS generated applets into Moodle courses, including communication of the applet with the Moodle file repository and collaborative learning. We also show how EJS simulations can send and receive data to/from a number of laboratory equipment such as Arduino and Phidgets (and others to come). Finally, we show work in progress that reuses EJS architecture for tablets. This work will eventually help us quickly port existing EJS simulations at ComPADRE into tablets supporting Javascript and HTML5, such as the iPad and Android tablets.

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