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NC Science Teachers Association 2011 PhysicsQuest Workshop Documents

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Main Document

NC Science Teachers Association 2011 PhysicsQuest Workshop 

written by Barbara Christian and Wolfgang Christian

Abstract: A NC Science Teachers Association workshop featuring resources for middle and high school physics that help teachers prepare interactive lessons without sacrificing family time. PhysicsQuest kits capture student interest. Tracker analyzes student-made videos of experiments. ComPADRE has ready-to-use digital resources. All resources are free and some kits available for take home.  Teachers learn how the PhysicsQuest kit can be used with students to solve the mystery explained in the accompanying comic book and how to use the Tracker video modeling tool and the ComPADRE digital library as inquiry-based learning tools to further enhance understanding of physics. All resources are free!

Last Modified November 11, 2011

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Supplemental Documents (3)

Rocket Trajectory Video 

Water rocket video clip used for video analysis demo.

Last Modified November 13, 2011

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Water Rocket Launch Team Video 

Water rocket launch showing team-building and interactive engagement.

Last Modified November 13, 2011

Middle School Physics Video 

A video montage of middle school physical science activities based on Physics Quest and OSP material.

Last Modified November 13, 2011

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