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The Evolution of the OSP ComPADRE Collection Documents

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The Evolution of the OSP ComPADRE Collection 

written by Mario Belloni, Wolfgang Christian, Anne Cox, and Todd Timberlake

Over the past six years, the Open Source Physics (OSP) project has produced a collection of over 400 interactive computer-based curricular materials for the teaching of advanced physics topics.  These materials are based on Java-based OSP programs and authoring tools and available for free on the OSP Collection on ComPADRE.  This talk outlines the current efforts to extend the reach of the OSP Collection with the inclusion of course-related filing cabinets and the creation of simulations for the teaching of introductory topics in physics and astronomy.

The Open Source Physics Project is generously supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE-0442581).

Published February 28, 2011
Last Modified February 28, 2011

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