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Great Circles Model ` - Jan 19, 2009

The Ejs Great Circles model displays the frictionless motion of a particle that is constrained to follow the surface of a perfect sphere.  The sphere rotates underneath the particle, but since there is no friction, and the sphere is perfectly spherical, the motion of the particle is not influenced by the sphere.

Platform on Two Rotating Cylinders Model ` - Oct 9, 2008

The Ejs Platform on Two Rotating Cylinders model displays the model of a platform resting on two equal cylinders are rotating with opposite angular velocities.  There is kinetic friction between each cylinder and the platform.    The separation between the cylinders and the coefficient of kinetic friction can be changed via textboxes.

Normal Modes on a Loaded String Model ` - Oct 2, 2008

The EJS Normal Modes on a Loaded String model displays the motion of a light string under tension between two fixed points.  The string is also loaded with N masses located at regular intervals.  The number of masses on the string can be changed via textboxes.

Orbiting Mass on a Cone 3D Model ` - Jul 10, 2008

The EJS Orbiting Mass on a Cone 3D model displays the frictionless dynamics of a mass constrained to orbit on the inside of a cone.  The simulation displays the motion of the masses as well as the effective potential energy.  The cone angle and the total energy and the initial radial position of the mass can be changed.

Ball in a Wedge Model ` - Jul 5, 2008

The EJS Ball in a Wedge model displays a ball confined to move between two walls that form a wedge shape.  The ball undergoes elastic collisions with the walls of the wedge.

Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Model ` - May 30, 2008

The much studied Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem was one of the first computational experiments and it still fascinates computational physicists.  This EJS simulation shows the time evolution of the mode energies as reported in the original paper.

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