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PhET Simulation: Geometric Optics ` - Dec 27, 2008

This interactive java application allows you to investigate the properties of converging lenses.  You can change the index of refraction, the diameter and the radius of curvature of the lens. You can also change the types of objects used and the types of rays shown.

PhET Simulations: Ladybug Revolution ` - Nov 10, 2008

This is PhET simulation on the topic of circular motion featuring one or two ladybugs. Users can change the various initial kinematics quantities and display time progression vectors, graphs and data of these kinematics quantities.

Mag Lab U: Learning about Electricity and Magnetism ` - Oct 7, 2008

This website featurs photo, video, and simulation galleries that explore the fascinating worlds of electricity and magnetism. This extensive library includes illustrated tutorials, historical facts, and applications to new technology.

Circuit Simulator Applet ` - Aug 2, 2008

The circuit simulator applet allows the user to virtually build and a test an infinite number of circuit configurations. The picture shows a full wave rectifier setup. The user can change the frequency, the waveform, the maximum voltage, the DC offset, the phase offset, the diode forward voltage, and the load resistance.

Polarizer Program ` - Jul 10, 2008

The Polarizer program displays the effect of a plane polarizer on an incident electromagnetic wave.   The polarization of the electromagnetic wave and the orientation of the polarizer can be modified.

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