Mystery Image Archive

The Soda Bottle Speaker ` - Jun 1, 2020

This resource provides instructions for constructing a simple "Soda Bottle Speaker." A parts list and information about the materials user are included, as well as two experiments to study the properties of the speaker.

A Frankenstein demonstration with the Van de Graaff generator ` - Dec 23, 2010

A short article describing a Van de Graff demonstration using a bat made from fake fur. The bat hovers over the Van de Graaff generator and under the right condition it can fly and land over the lap of a student.

UVA Virtual Lab: Van de Graaff Generators ` - Dec 23, 2010

These series of pages provide a detailed tutorial on the principals behind the operation of a Van de Graaf generator. It is par of the UVA Virtual Lab collection.

PhET Simulation: Simplified MRI ` - Mar 12, 2010

This is an interactive simulation on the topic of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The user can change the applied magnetic field and the RF signal and observe the effect on spins. In the NMR mode, the user can choose between various  from among several atoms. In the MRI mode, the user can elect to add a tumor to the head being visualized.

Wilderness Survival - Fire from ice ` - Mar 14, 2009

This page provides a description of the process that a hiker had to go through in trying to start a fire by making a lens out of ice. The author also provides a link to other successful and less successful attempts.

Moving Electrons ` - Oct 1, 2008

This is a hands-on classroom activity on electricity and magnetism created by the Advanced Light Source team as part of a 1996 workshop for teachers.

Parallel ` - Sep 7, 2008

This Adobe Shockwave simulation, provides the gravitational analog for two "electrical resistors" placed in parallel.

PhET: Lasers ` - Jul 29, 2008

This webpage contains an interactive simulation that allows users to explore the physics behind lasers. Two simulations are available, the first showing the optical excitation of a single atom and the second showing the result of interactions between multiple atoms.