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Physics in Action: Seeing Atoms ` - Aug 1, 2005

Find out how scanning tunneling microscopes can be used to see atoms, which are too small to see with optical instruments. This same microscope can actually move atoms and locate them precisely on a surface--check out this site to see a circle of atoms and the electron waves inside the circle.

WattsUp with Electricity in Brazil and the United States ` - Jul 1, 2005

At this site from the Liberty Science Center, you can compare the Brazil and the US in electrical generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption.

Exhibits and Other Online Resources for History of Physics and Allied Fields ` - Jun 1, 2005

Visit this website--produced by the American Institute of Physics' Center for History of Physics--to see online exhibits on various topics in physics history, including Marie Curie, Albert Einstein,  and the Discovery of the Electron. Each exhibit is nicely illustrated and well-designed.

The Satellite Site ` - Apr 22, 2005

Watch a short video to view the positions of 13,000 satellites around Earth and to get a feel for the potential hazards of space debris. Then visit Cesium, a real-time satellite tracking tool, to explore the space around Earth.

(Feature updated on August 18, 2016.)

Physics in Action: MRI Magic ` - Mar 14, 2005

This article outlines the physics behind the Magnetic Resonance Imaging process used to view molecular structures such as the human brain. It contains pictures, links and research on the topic.

Physics in Action: Catch an Earthquake ` - Feb 1, 2005

Find out why geophysicists predicted another
earthquake for the Parkside region of
southern CA and more!

Science in Space ` - Jan 1, 2005

Visit the Liberty Science Center's Science in
Space to find out how energy flows from the
sun to Earth and how this flow affects space
itself. Links to the Space Science Institute add
vivid images.

Sounds of the Subway ` - Dec 1, 2004

Find out why some spaces in subway stations
are so good at reflecting sound waves,
allowing sound levels to build up naturally,
with no need for microphones or
loudspeakers. This makes them appealing
alternative performance areas for street

Granular Materials ` - Nov 1, 2004

Visit the Physics Central page Granular Materials to find out about the physics of sand on a beach or grain in a silo. Despite the fact that these systems are all around us, they're not fully understood, and research has turned up some interesting surprises that you can see in this article. Check out the interesting images.

Cassini-Huygens: Mission to Saturn &Titan ` - Oct 1, 2004

Learn about the Cassini-Huygens Mission to
Saturn, which arrived on July 1, 2004 and
produced spectacular images in its first pass
by the ringed planet.

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