About the Interactive Video Vignettes Project

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The LivePhoto Physics Interactive Video Vignettes Project is led by:

  • Robert Teese and Thomas Reichlmayr [Rochester Institute of Technology]
  • Priscilla Laws, Patrick Cooney, David Jackson and Maxine Willis [Dickinson College]
  • Kathleen Koenig [University of Cincinnati].

Undergraduate students who have worked on the project at Rochester Institute of Technology and Dickinson College include: Leah Bartnik, Bradley Bensch, Joshua Berkowitz, Thomas Connors, Colleen DiVincenzo, Nick Fuschino, Rohit Garg, Andrew Gillie, Hollie Grant, Peter Gyory, Monir Hossain, Jacob Juby, Chad Koppes, Trevor Koppes, Jen Lamere, Cailin Li, Nicolas McCurdy, Kayla Mouriz, Samuel Nelson, Hector Piñeiro II, Peter-John Rowe, Brian Soulliard, Andrew Stidwill, Gordon Toth, Devin Warren, Katelyn Wilkerson, Todd Williams, Brian Wyant and Ben Zenker.

The Interactive Video Vignettes Project is currently being supported by the National Science Foundation through grants DUE 1122828 and DUE 1123118. The Advanced Lab Interactive Video Project, led by Keith Stein at Bethel University and Robert Teese at RIT, is supported by grants DUE-1245573 and DUE-1245147.

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