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After you download an IVV or make your own with Vignette Studio, you will need a suitable website or web server for hosting your IVV. Many teachers already have websites, but they are often hosted in a way that prevents IVVs from working. This is because an IVV is not a web page, it is a web application. An IVV does not consist of a single file, but rather a folder that contains over a hundred files. Most of these are scripts and data files that students should never see. Many easy-to-create websites will allow you to upload individual files to the site, but not entire web folders. Or, if they do allow folders, they may automatically show students a list of every file in the folder.

The best way to find out if your website will work is to talk with the site administrator. If you are using a website hosted by your school, talk to the Information Technology (IT) staff person at your school who oversees faculty websites. If you are using an outside Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Roadrunner, talk to the person there who oversees customer websites. Tell them you want to upload a folder to your site containing HTML files, JavaScript files, image files and movie files. The server needs to support the mime-types for .js, .json, .svg, .srt, .mp4 and .webm. If they ask whether you need a "dynamic" website, tell them that you do not. If they ask whether you need PHP, tell them that you do not. It might help to show the person this page.

Unfortunately, web pages hosted by course management systems like Blackboard or social media systems like Facebook will not work.

Each site has its own way of uploading content, depending on the brand of the machine and how it was set up. Your site administrator can explain how to upload the vignette to your website.

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