Vignette Studio II

VS2 workspace

Vignette Studio II is an application that you can use to author IVETs. It is easy to use for anyone who has a basic familiarity with HTML, yet powerful enough that experienced web designers can customize it extensively. To use it all you need is a laptop or desktop computer with a recent free version of Java installed. Vignette Studio II can export an IVET as either a set of files that can be uploaded to a web server, or as a SCORM package that can be uploaded to a Learning Management System such as Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle.

Download the latest version of Vignette Studio II:
Vignette Studio II Manual (pdf)
Vignette Studio II Tutorial Video
Sample Script: My First Vignette (pdf)
IVET Equation Writer
IVET Equation Writer Tutorial Video

Vignette Studio II Version: 2.1.6
Build Date: January 23, 2024.

Vignette Studio II Project Repository