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Course Title: Physics 115 - Physics for the Life Sciences II
Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Institution Type: PhD Granting
Syllabus File: Download the Syllabus File
Course Term: Semester 2 of 2
Course Size: More than 150 students
Course Audience: Life Science and Pre-Med/Pre-Health
Math Prerequisite: Integral calculus
Other Prerequisites: No biology or chemistry pre-requisites
Years of Students: Mostly third year
Additional Information: We will adopt the Lecture/Studio model developed at Kansas State University and the Colorado School of Mines, with two (50-minute) lectures and two (110-minute) studio sessions per week. The weekly schedule will begin with a lecture attended by all students in which the first 20 minutes is presented by a biologist who lays out the driving question and related it to biology that the students are likely to have learned.  The physics instructor will then introduce the relevant physics concepts, making connections with the biologist's presentation.
The lectures will make use of research-validated teaching methods (e.g., peer instruction, interactive lecture demonstrations) to create an active engagement classroom.

In the studio sessions (~50 students), the students will work in groups of four under the supervision of two TAs (or one TA and one LA). Students will participate in hands-on activities (laboratory measurements or observations involving manipulation of equipment), exploring computer simulations of relevant phenomena, or solving complex problems in cooperative groups on the "Minnesota model."

Submitter Information

Submitter Name: David P. Smith
City: Chapel Hill
State: NC
Zip Code: 27599
Email: smithd4@email.unc.edu