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Course Title: Fundamental Physics I
Institution: Colgate University
Institution Type: Primarily Undergraduate or Master's Granting
Syllabus File: Download the Syllabus File
Course Term: Semester 1 of 2
Course Size: Between 25 and 50 students
Course Audience: Life Science and Pre-Med/Pre-Health
Math Prerequisite: Trigonometry
Other Prerequisites: No biology or chemistry pre-requisites
Years of Students: Mix of all years with few first-years
Course Website: http://colgatephys111.blogspot.com/
Additional Information: The above link is to the blog that the students update during the course. They are told to relate the physics they have learned to real world events, music, etc. that are a part of their daily lives.

In addition to adding biological examples in throughout the course, a heavier emphasis is placed on fluid dynamics, diffusion, and thermodynamics than in our introductory class for majors.

Submitter Information

Submitter Name: Rebecca Metzler
City: Hamilton
State: NY
Zip Code: 13346
Email: rmetzler@colgate.edu