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Course Title: Principles of Physics II (PB-PM)
Institution: Goucher College
Institution Type: Primarily Undergraduate or Master's Granting
Syllabus File: Download the Syllabus File
Course Term: Semester 2 of 2
Course Size: Between 25 and 50 students
Course Audience: Pre-med and Pre-health
Math Prerequisite: Trigonometry
Other Prerequisites: Part of structured post-baccalaureate program
Additional Information: This course is part of a self-contained post-baccalaureate program for pre-medical students.  Students in the program tend to be several years post-bachelor's, with the BA usually in a non-science field.  The entire cohort takes the course together.  They are simultaneously taking biology, chemistry, and calculus.  The course is very traditional in structure and content is determined by the MCAT.

Submitter Information

Submitter Name: Rodney Yoder
City: Baltimore
State: MD
Zip Code: 21204
Email: rodney.yoder@goucher.edu