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Course Title: Physics for Life Sciences II
Institution: Augustana College
Institution Type: Primarily Undergraduate or Master's Granting
Syllabus File: Download the Syllabus File
Course Term: Semester 2 of 2
Course Size: Between 25 and 50 students
Course Audience: Pre-med and Pre-health
Math Prerequisite: Algebra
Other Prerequisites: No biology or chemistry pre-requisites
Years of Students: Mix of all years
Course Website: http://moodle.augie.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=337
Additional Information: To access the website:  Username guest202
                                  Password Phys#202 (case sensitive)

Usually about 1/3 of the class has not had calculus.  Thus, calculus is alluded to in lecture (and the basics of an integral and derivative explained) , but an algebra based text book is used.  During lecture, clicker problems are used to maintain student interest and to gauge their understanding.  Approximately 1/3 of lecture time is set aside for solving integrative problems with an assigned partner.

Submitter Information

Submitter Name: Amy Engebretson
Email: amy.engebretson@augie.edu