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Please upload a pdf of your Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS) course syllabus (or syllabi). If the course extends over more than one term (semester/trimester/quarter) please upload the syllabi from each term separately. You may copy your existing submissions to help create new entries.

To be of benefit to other instructors, syllabi should include course learning goals, content covered by the course (usually with an accompanying schedule), required textbooks, and other learning materials. Information about recitation (problem-solving) sessions and instructional labs is also beneficial, where appropriate, as are descriptions of the pedagogical techniques used in the course (e.g. mostly lecture, peer instruction, collaborative problem solving, just-in-time teaching, flipped classroom, etc.). This information can also be provided in the "Additional Information" submission field. Please remove from the syllabus any generic language about honor code regulations, exam schedules, etc. that will not be of use to other physics faculty members.

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