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Poster Title: Phantastic in Physics Problem Solving (PPPS) in Introductory Physics for Life Science Students using Video Lectures
Abstract: Phantastic in Physics Problem Solving (PPPS) video lectures are being developed for the Introductory Physics course covering topics in Waves, Optics, and Electricity and Magnetism. This is an Algebra-based physics taken primarily by Biology majors. However, the problem solving videos can be used in any physics course with similar topics. Physics education researchers have noted the need for "...physics to help prepare students for the new, more quantitative life sciences".1 During PPPS videos, I solve problems in 8-20 minutes videos. Each video features one problem. Students can log in and watch these videos via the Internet. PPPS videos engage the students to tackle difficult problems from start to finish (without giving up). This approach is useful because most introductory physics courses contain students from diverse science and mathematics backgrounds. The innovation in using the video format for problem solving is that students can individually adapt the speed at which the instructor demonstrates physics problems, a tool not offered in the standard classroom lecture format. Students surveyed about this approach to problem solving found it useful for "...being able to pause and re-work the examples". This indicates that they are using the videos in an interactive.

1. Dawn C. Meredith, Edward F. Redish, "Reinventing physics for life-sciences majors", Physics Today 66, pp38-43 (2013).
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Primary Contact: Tabbetha Dobbins
Rowan University, Department of Physics & Astronomy