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Poster Title: Biologic: A digital analog to the genetic toggle switch and repressilator for the undergraduate physics lab.
Abstract: We describe two synthetic gene circuits, the genetic toggle switch and repressilator and how they can be used to simulate bistability and oscillations in biological systems. Our goal was to introduce and explore the concepts of feedback, both in electronic and gene circuits, and to alert students to quantitative approaches to systems biology. Both the genetic toggle switch and the repressilator have been realized in E. coli as well as other organisms. We have designed two circuits that make use of the Quad 7404 Hex inverter simple logic gate, arranged in feedback to model these processes. Capacitors and resistors of the appropriate values are introduced to provide delay, simulating the finite time required for biochemical reactions to take place. LEDs are used to visually display the current state of each switch. A breadboard with working circuits will be on display.
Poster Category: Course Content
Biology/Life Science Applications
Innovations in computation, mathematics, and modeling
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: S. B. Cahn
Yale University, Department of Physics
Phone: 203-314-1137
Co-Author(s) S. G. J. Mochrie, R. G. Ramos, S. H. Irons; Yale University, Department of Physics