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Poster Title: Teaching Nuclear Science in an Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS) Course
Abstract: Nuclear science topics, traditionally relegated to the end of the textbook, are sometimes treated as "excess baggage" in an IPLS course.  If teaching time grows short as the end of semester approaches, it is nuclear science that is dropped from the curriculum.  We think this is a shortsighted approach and that textbook organization should take a backseat to the importance of nuclear science in an IPLS course.  There are several reasons for teaching nuclear science: (1) increasing use of nuclear medicine (both diagnostic techniques and treatment), (2) renewed interest in nuclear power plants due to global warming concerns with burning of fossil fuels, and (3) concerns over terrorist's use of radioactive "dirty" bombs or small fission weapons. We have found that a Nuclear Data Table (aka Table of Isotopes) is very useful for presenting nuclear science topics and that two lab experiments on radioactive decay will suffice.
Poster Category: Course Content
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: John E Tansil
Southeast Missouri State University
Phone: (573) 450-4462