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Poster Title: A Kinesthetic Circulatory System Model for Teaching Fluid Dynamics
Abstract: Previous research has shown that life science students at the University of New England have difficulty applying what they have learned in the physics classroom to concepts of anatomy and physiology, primarily fluid dynamics as they pertain to the circulatory system. To help integrate multiple disciplines into our introductory Physics course, we are developing a kinesthetic circulatory system model. Using this model, this study aimed to improve the students understanding of the equation of continuity, Bernoulli's and Poiseuille's principles, hydrostatic pressure, and compliance (elasticity of tubing) as they apply to the cardiovascular system. The impact of this model on improved student understanding of these concepts will be assessed through a combination of pre- and post- test conceptual assessments and open-ended questions.  Preliminary studies indicate students had a better perspective for pressure differences due to local (Bernoulli) and global (Poiseuille) conditions.
Poster Category: Education Research
Biology/Life Science Applications
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Poster Keywords: Circulatory System, Fluids, Bernoulli, Poiseuille, Equation of Continuity

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: James Vesenka
University of New England
Phone: 2076022560
Co-Author(s) Elizabeth Whitmore, undergraduate, UNE Department of Biology
Katherine Misaiko, undergraduate, UNE Department of Biology
Bradley Moser, Lecturer, UNE Department of Chemistry and Physics
David Grimm, Lecturer, UNE Department of Biology