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Poster Title: Examining student responses to questions about center of gravity
Abstract: Our group is developing lab exercises that involve students balancing objects, and systems of objects, on their outstretched hands.  The sensorimotor experience obtained by feeling and directly interacting with these systems may aid in understanding the concept of center of gravity.   Along with this development, we gave students in our IPLS course an online quiz that asked a series of questions about center of gravity and torque for a balanced baseball bat (an extended object), and two crates on a balanced see-saw (a system of discrete objects).  This quiz is based on published results by Ortiz, et. al, who gave a similar set of questions to students in calculus-based courses.  The results for the IPLS course are different in some interesting ways, leading to questions about how students interpret figures, and the potential usefulness of stressing operational definitions.
Poster Category: Education Research
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Poster Keywords: center of gravity, operational definitions

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Susan M. Fischer
DePaul University
Phone: 847-989-3143
Co-Author(s) D.J. Lyons, C. Kontra, J. Sattizahn, S.L. Beilock