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Poster Title: Teaching Fluids to IPLS Students via a Multiple-Scale Model and Mechanisms
Abstract: For introductory life science students, fluid dynamics is a topic that is important, relevant to biology, and yet difficult to understand conceptually. Our study focuses on probing understanding of pressure differentials, vacuums, and Bernoulli's equation which underpin ideas of  fluid flow. Data was collected from written assessments and laboratory exercises in addition to teaching interviews, and was analyzed using the frameworks of resource theory and mechanistic reasoning to look for productive student ideas such as a microscopic viewpoint and gradient driven flow.  We investigated whether a multiple-scale view of matter is useful for students when constructing models of pressure and fluid flow and will present both our model and a qualitative analysis of student work.
Poster Category: Course Content
Education Research
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Poster Keywords: Fluids, Bernoulli, Mechanistic Reasoning, Microscopic, Resource Theory

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Daniel Young
University of New Hampshire
Co-Author(s) Dawn Meredith: University of New Hampshire