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Poster Title: University Physics for the Life Sciences: Calculus-based introductory physics re-imagined
Abstract: A calculus-based introductory-physics-for-the-life-science (IPLS) sequence, that has been taught for the last four years, will be described.  This course re-imagines the IPLS syllabus and focuses on a number of biologically and medically relevant topics that are meaningful to its intended audience.  Specifically, (1)  I will share the goals of the course, sketch the syllabus and the rationale for the syllabus; (2) I will describe the course demographics and the context of this course; (3) I will share student feedback about the course; (4) I will elaborate on the syllabus and briefly present selected topics, emphasizing how mathematical/computational aspects are managed, many of which, in a traditional physics sequence, would be delayed until after mathematical re-requisites. (5) Finally, I will share our plans for the future, as we move from a lecture style to a more flipped/TEAL classroom, and describe some of the challenges of designing and teaching this class.
Poster Category: Course Content
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Primary Contact: Simon Mochrie
Department of Physics, Department of Applied Physics, Yale University