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Poster Title: Evolution of an IPLS Course
Abstract: The IPLS course at Mercy College has been evolving since 1996.  Putting all the physics topics into a biological context was the first stage, closely followed by work on relevant integrated lab activities and incorporating PER strategies.  Even though these aspects continue to be refined, there always appear to be other areas of the course that can be improved in both student learning and relevance, beyond biological content.  New kinds of homework activities have been created, and project–based learning expanded to foster student-centered learning, inquiry, and transfer.  Competency-based assessment is the next effort on the horizon.  It has been a never-ending journey of rethinking about what it is that these students really need from this course.
Poster Category: Course Structure

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Nancy Beverly
Mercy College
Phone: 914-674-7275