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Poster Title: Assessing the Benefits and Challenges of Implementing an IPLS Course at Randolph-Macon College
Abstract: Prior to 2003, the Physics Department offered one section of General Physics and Physics for Scientists each semester.  Staffing issues forced the Department to redesign the intro courses resulting in the creation of PHYS 151-152 Introductory Physics which serves Physics, Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pre-Med, Environmental Studies, and general education students simultaneously.  Presently, the Department offer two sections (24 students per section) of PHYS 151-152 each semester.  Over the past few years the College has seen a growth in enrollment, an increased number of students seeking pre-med and pre-health careers, and the addition of an Engineering Physics major.  Demand for PHYS 151-152 has increased to the point where three sections should be offered.  Because the new Engineering Physics major will add another faculty member to the Physics Department, it is time to assess our intro physics course and how it meets, or does not meet, the needs of our students.
Poster Category: Upper-division courses
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Primary Contact: Deonna Woolard
Randolph-Macon College
Phone: 804-752-7329