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Poster Title: Suspend the Disbelief and Explore the Possibilities with Open Educational Resources (OER)
Abstract: By using open educational resources (OER) you can improve both student access and success.  There has been a recent transformation in the quality of OER materials and now most are professionally edited and peer-reviewed.  College Physics by Openstax College is a prime example.  This two-semester, introductory algebra-based physics textbook is grounded in real-world examples (many are life science-related), superb illustrations, integrated PhET simulations, and numerous example problems.  The textbook is available for free in a variety of formats: web view, ePub, and PDF, iBook ($4.99), or print ($49.73).  When coupled with Kaplan's free Learningpod online homework system they provide a substantial learning advantage for your students.  My student's average FCI Hake-g score jumped 30% this year as a direct result of integrating both of these resources in my course.  Suspend your disbelief about OER and come explore the possibilities these amazing free resources offer.   Your students will thank you!
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Poster Keywords: OER, Openstax, Learningpod

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Primary Contact: Erik Christensen
South Florida State College
Phone: 863-784-7363