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Poster Title: Randomness and Structure
Abstract: The concepts of entropy and equilibrium are central to the understanding of the spontaneous formation of structure in soft matter systems such as membranes. We are developing a suite of computational modeling tools with a strong visual component to support the development of these concepts by students in an introductory-level course on soft matter. In the context of the lattice gas model, which is commonly used in the analytical treatment of such systems, students can explore the consequences of random motion, observe the dynamics of the approach to equilibrium, monitor bulk properties of the system, and observe that interparticle interactions are required for the spontaneous formation of mesoscale structures. These tools can be extended to allow students to do significant computational modeling projects by the end of the course. They provide, as well, a stimulus for discussion about the nature of scientific models.
Poster Category: Course Content
Biology/Life Science Applications
Innovations in computation, mathematics, and modeling
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Poster Keywords: randomness, entropy, free energy, soft matter, computation, computational models

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Ruth Chabay
North Carolina State University
Phone: 505.603.8144
Co-Author(s) Nava Schulmann,  Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

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