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Poster Title: Physics in Medicine: Active learning tools for pre-health physics developed in collaboration with STEM scientists and medical experts
Abstract: We present an undergraduate medical physics course at Portland State University, motivated by both student interest and the desire of the university's Physics Department to provide an interdisciplinary intermediate-level physics course. The course is part of a broader initiative to emphasize the link between physics and the life sciences. The materials for this course are modular and can be used as a whole curriculum in a specialized medical physics course or in part as supplement in introductory general physics. The course was developed through the community engagement of physicians, clinical researchers, and basic science researchers. Class meetings are a combination of traditional lectures, guest lectures, hands-on exercises, web-based activities, class discussions, and student poster presentations. The course inspired students to engage in research projects in medical physics that enhance their understanding of science and education as well as benefit the learning of future students.
Poster Category: Course Content
Education Research
Biology/Life Science Applications
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Poster Keywords: medical physics, lab, assessment, community engagement

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Ralf Widenhorn
Portland State University
Phone: 5037253898
Co-Author(s) Karen Marrongelle, Portland State University
Grace Van Ness,  Portland State University
Charles Thomas, Oregon Health and Science University
Wolfram Laub, Oregon Health and Science University