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Poster Title: The 2014 Gordon Research Conference: The Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics
Abstract: The field of biological physics and the physics education of biology and medically oriented students have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. New findings, applications, and technologies in biological and medical physics are having far reaching consequences that affect and influence the science community, the education of future scientists and health-care workers, and the general population.  As a result leaders in Physics Education Research have begun to focus their attention on the specific needs of students in the biological sciences, the different ways physicists and biologists view the nature of science and the interactions of scientists in these disciplines.  The 2014 Gordon Research Conference on the Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics brings the community of researchers and educators together and will allow the community interested in biological physics and physics education to continue the conversation on these exciting topics.  The 2014 GRC will be held at Mt. Holyoke College from June 8-13.
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Education Research
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Poster Keywords: Physics, biology, Gordon Research Conference

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Mel S. Sabella
Chicago State University
Phone: 773-995-2180
Co-Author(s) Matt Lang, Vanderbilt University