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written by Christopher Mihos
A collection  of Java applets which explore the motion of planets, stars, and galaxies, galaxy collisions and cosmology. Each applet has background information on the pertinent astrophysics, a technical description of what's being calculated, and links to more information both on the web and in the popular and scientific literature.
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© 2004 Chris Mihos, CWRU
applets, astrophysics, effects, galaxy, motion, planets, simulation, stars
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light dynamics

Author: nduriri joseph
Posted: September 23, 2006 at 1:16PM

By using the light dynamics, the radiation pressure for any reflective surface can be derived. By using the same approach the light rocket engine thrust equation can be derived.
See light dynamics.PDF

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pioneer anomaly SOLVED

Author: nduriri joseph
Posted: August 17, 2006 at 5:40AM

The pioneer anomaly has been solved and also  other 5 cosmological blunders of the last 85 years, see the summary page 8, new Newton law page 1,
Joseph Nduriri

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Allais Effect has been solved

Author: nduriri joseph
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 at 5:07PM

Allais Effect has been solved

1) The pioneer anomaly (hidden matter)
2) The Allais Effect (gravity shield)
3) The galaxy disk shape flatness (no explanation).
4) The spiral form aspiration of matter by the accretion disk (frame dragging, science fiction).
5) The matter bipolar jets trajectory (magneto hydrodynamics theory, incoherent theory since the magnetic field cannot deflect neutral matter = circumstantial theory = confusion).
6) Galaxy rotation curve flatness (dark matter, MOND theory).
7) The source of matter bipolar jets (contradicts event horizon theory, science fiction)
See summary page 9 and page 1 for new Newton law

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