The Astronomy Center has provided educational resources to introductory astronomy educators since 2003. Over the past 20 years, the rapid pace of discovery has rendered some of our linked resources obsolete. Thus, the Astronomy Center will be decommissioned on March 1, 2022. Our highest quality resources will be retained on


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Featured Resource Archive

General Education Astronomy Source ` - Jul 15, 2020

Introductory astronomy resources for traditional and remote/online classes, and self-paced learning. The materials include lecture, video, and laboratory materials.

Phases of Moon Model ` - Nov 8, 2013

The EJS Phases of the Moon model illustrates the appearance of the Moon as it appears relative to the Earth and the Sun.

UNL ClassAction: Interactive Classroom Materials for Introductory Astronomy ` - Nov 1, 2013

The Class Action resources from the University of Nebraska provide a rich collection of in-class concept tests and interactive teaching tools.

Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy ` - Nov 1, 2013

Project CLEA develops laboratory exercises
in astronomy using digital data and color
images. Each CLEA
laboratory exercise includes a dedicated
computer program, a student manual, and a
technical guide for the instructor.

Astronomy Education Review ` - Sep 26, 2011

Astronomy Education Review is an online journal for those interested in astronomy and space science education, in either formal or informal settings.

Center for Astronomy Education ` - Mar 17, 2006

This portal is dedicated to the professional development of introductory astronomy instructors. The Center for Astronomy Education, partnered with the CAPER team at the University of Arizona, connects practicing astronomy instructors in order to share best practices.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Educational Highlights ` - Feb 17, 2006

Programs, activities and resources for astronomy educators from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Resources include "The Universe in the Classroom", articles on education from Mercury Magazine and web sites for college astronomy instructors.

Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide ` - Sep 30, 2005

The FLAG offers self-contained modular classroom assessment techniques and discipline-specific tools for STEM instructors interested in new approaches to evaluating student learning, attitudes and performance.