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American Journal of Physics
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"ABSTRACT: Three calculations of optical Faraday rotation are presented in which a linearly polarized field is incident on a medium of harmonic oscillators in the presence of a longitudinal magnetic field. The rotation of the plane of polarization of the field is evaluated using classical oscillators and the Lorentz force equation, quantum oscillators and the Heisenberg equations of motion, and quantum oscillators and a Schrödinger equation approach. It is shown that a simple argument, based on the assumption that a circularly polarized field drives either m=1 or m=?1 transitions on absorption (m is the magnetic quantum number), leads to an incorrect result for the Verdet constant."
American Journal of Physics: Volume 78, Issue 3, Pages 270-276
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Zeeman Effect
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Optical Faraday Rotation AJP Article:

Supplements Faraday Optical Rotation

The article presents new calculation methods for the Optical Faraday Rotation effect, the primary measurement objective of the Faraday Optical Rotation experiment at The University of Michigan available at this site.

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