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Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool - Nov 6, 2013

The Easy Java Simulations modeling environment allows both experienced programmers and novices to quickly and easily prototype, test, and distribute packages of Java simulations.

EJS version 5.0 later add the capability of creating html5+Javascript models to run on tablets and smart phones.

EJS CSM Textbook Chapter 2: Creating simulations - Dec 1, 2012

Computational Science taught through the Easy Java Simulation modeling environment, allowing students to focus on the science.

CSERD: Computational Sciences Education Reference Desk - Sep 3, 2012

CSERD helps teachers and students understand and incorporate computational resources in the classroom.

Computational Physics: A Better Model for Physics Education? - May 12, 2012

The author of this article makes a strong case for computational physics being an important sub-discipline and a vital part of the physics curriculum as a whole.

Free Particle Energy Eigenstates Model - Jun 28, 2011

A simulation showing the time evolution of a particle in a superposition of energy eigenstates.

Circular Well Superposition Model - Jun 1, 2009

The Circular Well Superposition simulation displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function in an infinite 2D circular well.

Those Who Will Not Learn From History... - Jun 10, 2008

This article points out the need for better connections between the offerings of computer science departments and the needs of most science students.