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Engineering and Applied Sciences REU, University or Rochester

Primary Institution: University of Rochester
Affiliation: University of Rochester
City: Rochester
State: NY
Job Duration: 10 weeks
Class Requirement: Completed Freshman Year
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Position Type: Research
Discipline(s): Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure and Electromagnetic/Optical Properties
Medical Physics
Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics; Quantum Information; Etc.
Description: Rochester's School of Engineering Institute of Optics is a NSF REU site with start on May 31, end on August 5, 2005. This 10 week program focuses on cutting edge research. Weekly seminars and specialized courses are part of the program. There are 12 positions available. We recommend applying early; applications will be processed until all positions are filled.
All applications are electronic and can be found on our website.
Stipend: $3,400
Benefits: Travel Reimbursement
Application Deadline: 02/15/2005
Job Website:

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Connie Jones
Dept of Physics & Astronomy
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
Phone: 585-275-5306
Fax: 585-276-0018