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Our outreach map shows the groups specializing in physics and astronomy outreach efforts across the United States.

Nucleus Contest

We want to hear how you spent your summer.  Did you do an REU or other internship?  Did you take summer classes, work at the mall?  We would like to know, but we want to add a creative element to it, so we would like your description to be in the form of an acrostic.  If you want to find out about acrostics, you can look here.  An example of something that might be submitted is

Refreshing break from a pipeline job, an
Exploration of highly excited atoms included
Scanning pungent physics texts,
Extravagant with curvy greek letters.
Alluring, they beckon like sirens.
Resistance is futile! I'm
Captivated by their elegance,
Hopeful to invent a new configuration.

Post your responses in the contest forum.  The winner (as chosen by the Nucleus staff), will receive a prize from the SPS store.

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Introduction to Electrodynamics

Introduction to Electrodynamics
This is a commonly used textbook in undergraduate E&M courses.

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Toy Box Physics
Cool video explaining smoke rings and other fluid effects.

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Soap Film Image
Soap Film Image
Cool image of a soap film from Physics to Go

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Our Student Clubs section has both SPS National Chapters and High School Physics clubs.

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