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On October 1, 2010, Dave posted Club Information

Contact Information

Grace Watt
grwatt at davidson dot edu

Collin Malone
Vice President
comalone at davidson dot edu

Sarah Friedensen
Vice President
safriedensen at davidson dot edu

Ryan Kozlowski
Vice President
rykozlowski at davidson dot edu

Mario Belloni
Chapter Advisor
mabelloni at davidson dot edu

Chapter Members

  • Alden Hart
  • Andreu Glasmann
  • Ben Gauthier
  • Cameron Bard
  • Christopher Trennepohl
  • Collin Malone
  • Dave Donnelly
  • Evan Welchman
  • Fritz Healy
  • Grace Watt
  • Jessie Barrick
  • Kelly Myers
  • Kyle Dorman
  • Leah Ruckle
  • learnmore shenje
  • Lucas Mykulak
  • Mario Belloni
  • Matthew Dix
  • Maxwell Henry
  • Molly Marshall
  • Phillip Wall
  • Rob Hagerty
  • Ryan Kozlowski
  • Salahadin Mohammed
  • Sam Castle
  • Sarah Friedensen
  • Se'Vaughn Carter
  • Thomas Keller
  • Tyler Murray
  • Vincent Hickl

Davidson College SPS Chapter Image

This is the Web Page of the Davidson College Chapter of SPS.  The above picture is of our SPS Chapter with John Mather (middle back), winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics. The video of Dr. Mather's public lecture can be found here.


Recent and Upcoming Events

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For 2012-2013 events click here.
For 2011-2012 events click here.
For 2010-2011 events click here.

January 22: First SPS Meeting fo the Semester.

January 21: Stargazing for St. Albans parish. Dr. Thompson and 3 volunteers set up telescopes near Fisher Farms for 40+ St. Albans parishioners.  Early we say a 1-day old Moon next to Venus.  We also saw the Andromeda galaxy, the Orion nebula, the Pleiades, and Jupiter and all 4 Galilean satellites.

January 19: Weblos science badge night.  Dr. Boye, Sarah Friedensen, Ryan Kozlowski, Dana Harvey, and Collin Malone led 12 Weblos Pack 58's Den II in learning about motion and fluids.

January 16-18: Conference on Undergraduate Women in Physics, Duke University. Professor Thompson, lab manager Ginny Perkey, and students Rebecca Gardner, Kari Sickles, and Grace Watt attended the conference. Grace presented her research in a talk titled: "Understanding LED Function and Exploring Mechanisms of Energy Loss."

December 11: WiP Christmas Party and cookie exchange.

December 9: SPS Christmas Party and end-of-the-semester student research presentations.

November 12: Potluck Thanksgiving dinner at the Carolina Inn.   Join us at 7pm for this Women in Physics (WiP) event.

November 11: Stargazing as part of the Environmental Action Coalition's Do it in the Dark Event.   Join us from 8-10pm in front of Chambers to stargaze as part of the EAC's annual energy conservation event.

October 31: Haunted Dana Science Building and Party. We had a small Halloween party and set up boo bubbles, Jacob’s ladder, Wimshurst machine, Van de Graaff and other "spooky" apparatus. Colin Tyznik won the costume contest and a dead ringer for Dr. Cain.

October 18: Kickball Tournament, 2-5pm. Join us for kickball against the chemists...and as always, there will be food. UPDATE: Physics=9, Chemistry=8. Victory.

October 3: Stargazing at Fisher Farms. Unfortunately because of weather, this event was cancelled.

October 2: Thursday Physics Lunch with Special Alumni Guest. Davidson Physics Alum ('03) Grady Patterson joined us for lunch and a seminar and talked about graduate school and life in the private sector,  and some of his research work.

September 23-October 2: SPS GRE Prep. Join us and faculty for GRE prep sessions, in classical, modern, quantum, E&M, and stat/therm.

September 25: Women in Physics SPS Movie Night. Join us for pizza and watch the movie, The Core.

September 12: First ever (at least in memory) SPS Ice Cream Social. Over 50 SPS and prospective physics majors attended.  We made liquid nitrogen (experimental) ice cream as well as traditional store bought (theoretical/computational) ice cream.

September 7: Vermonster Challenge for MS. Our bellies were willing but there was no ice cream.  However, this was the imputus for our first SPS Ice Cream Social.

September 2: First SPS Meeting of the semester.  Join us for pizza and to discuss events this semester.

August 27: Davidson College Activities Fair from 5:30-7:30 p.m., on Chambers Lawn. This is a super opportunity to connect with new students as well as upper class students about SPS. 

June 14: Submitted 2013-2014 Chapter Report.

May 1: Grace Watt ran for Associate Zone Councillor for SPS Zone 5.

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