Washington University in Saint Louis: MetroLink Information

MetroLink, St. Louis's light rail system, is a great public transportation service  for traveling around Saint Louis. Two of the stations, "University City Big Bend" and "Skinker" (which is near the physics building) are located just outside of campus, making MetroLink an excellent transportation resources to and from Washington University.

You can use MetroLink to get to and from St. Louis Lambert International Airport and campus, as well as from campus to the APS events downtown.


Additional Links

  • List of Stations: contains a list of all of the stations on MetroLink and their relative locations with a schematic diagram and Google Maps. It also allows you to plan out your trip with a very user-friendly interface called TripFinder. (Plan a trip TO/FROM this station)
  • Time Tables and Information: contains MetroLink schedules and additional information. Be sure to read the information under the tab "How to Ride MetroLink"