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physics with sock puppets? - Oct 5, 2004 at 6:20AM
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me and my 'physics buddies', are doing a presentation on
radiation. As this is supposed to be amied at about GCSE
level we'd thought we'd simplfy it and use sock puppets.
so if anyone has any ideas of a cool radiation/sub atomic
particle theme that could be displayed using socks, then post

(also need to write a song :-s)

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Re: physics with sock puppets? - Oct 06 2004 12:08PM
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Do something involving decay and bring smelly old socks.

(to YMCA)



Re: physics with sock puppets? - Oct 21 2004 1:44AM
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It's not exactly using socks, but I used to put little water balloons inside a bigger water balloon and use an incident particle (sharp object) to burst the larger balloon...then the little balloons would move out freely (like in fission), the littlest balloons can be thought of as neutrons, and middle size ones as fission can also have other objects to be beta particles, neutrinos, etc...

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