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Can we chat? - Mar 11, 2004 at 12:25PM
DannyBoy Avatar
Athens, Georgia
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So I was trying out the Yahoo Messenger
physics chat room, where it seems
everything is talked about by physics.
I was wondering if there is a "real-time"
place for physics people to chat about
physics, mathematics, etc.

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Nucleus Chat - Mar 12 2004 9:39AM
Admin Avatar
107 Posts

We're actually considering adding chatroom functionality to the Nucleus, possibly as a general always-open chatroom, or by hosting more specific topic/guest chats.  

If you all have thoughts on the matter, we'd like to hear them - no point adding chat stuff if nobody is going to use it....


Dodge this.

Vote of Yes - Mar 12 2004 6:49PM
DannyBoy Avatar
Athens, Georgia
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I would put down my vote for yes.
I would just guard against the room turning into a place where people are just trying to get someone to do their homework.
Sponsored chats would also be good, say once a week, moderated by someone and perhaps a special "speaker" (typer).

Nucleus chat - Mar 14 2004 5:45AM
desolderthis Avatar
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Here here, I want chat.

- Apr 21 2004 9:16PM
Jacob Forstater
1 Posts

A great real time place is on IRC, specifically efnet, rooms #physics #math and #mathematics.