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This is just an odd question: - Jan 22, 2004 at 12:17AM
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What is your favorite type of skittles?
They have original, wild berrry, tropical,
sour, and mint flavors.

Your responce could effect what types of
skittle appear in the Juniata College
physics lounge.


Replies to This is just an odd question:

- Jan 22 2004 12:42AM
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I would have to go with original.  I fell in love with them and just can never go back.

tropical skittles - Jan 22 2004 4:11PM
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It seems that I forgot to add my responce. I like topical. But there is little chance of getting tropical skittles into the lounge. The closed place to buy then is 29 miles from campus.

Original - Mar 30 2004 3:40PM
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Nassty mint skittleses!  We hates them!

yay for that - Mar 22 2004 2:29PM
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i like the skittles that come in the fuscia color pack, i dont know what type they are, but i do know that i could eat a puund of em.
hope this helps

skittles - Mar 31 2004 2:18PM
blondie643 Avatar
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in italy they have licorice flavor with subtle flavor differences...kinda like the mint...only grosser.