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Juniata College - Jan 20, 2004 at 10:40AM
Anthony Macharola
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Juniata College Physics Dept, its such a
small yet powerful school.  Profs are very
tough and yet still making students feel
accomplished in their work.  Past students
here have gone on to anywhere from winning
a Nobel Prize to developing the Hemi
engine!  Go JC!

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JC rocks - Jan 20 2004 1:53PM
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Yeah, so here's a second post. JC physics is definitely cool. Our department's got the best lounge on campus. Pass the pretzels and Skittles, please!

Agreed - Jan 21 2004 1:16PM
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Yeah, physics, along with all the other depts here are way above par when it comes to personal attention, and caring for the students. I'm very satisfied with the nearly four years that I have spent here.

- Jan 21 2004 4:37PM
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The physics department at Jc is great.  As someone
great stated earlier, if the lounge had a shower I'd live

Juniata College - Jan 21 2004 10:58PM
Elise Anne
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Juniata's physics program is great!