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Hardest problem this semester post and replies

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OK, what was it? - Dec 7, 2005 at 12:36PM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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With the semester winding down, I thought I would ask folks what the hardest problem they were assigned this semester was.  It can be from any physics class, but please specify the class in your post.  Also, let us know if you figured it out, and how you did it.  After a few posts, I'll tell you the hardest problem I assigned.


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Re: OK, what was it? - Dec 07 2005 5:54PM
Deuce Avatar
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Ok, so worst problem. Find the equations of motion of a square block, with side of length 'a', set on a cylinder, for small displacements. Analytical mechanics.



Re: OK, what was it? - Sep 30 2006 11:51PM
Steve Buckley
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I'd say that my hardest problem was/is writing up my senior thesis.
My university doesn't have a distinct format layout published for us to use as a skeletal form to build upon.
They say it's to prevent the students from being too boxed in, and not be creative enough in their writing/research.
Sadly, we don't have a technical writing program their either.
God willing, I'll have it finished, and ready by May.  18 months after it was "suppose" to be done.

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