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Best Physics Department - Jan 17, 2004 at 12:16PM
Justin Grimsley
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The physics department at USMA is the best
physics department around.  Every
instructor makes a genuine effort to aid
stundents in their understanding and
learning of not only course material but
also the physical world in which we are
studying.  GO ARMY PHYSICS!!!

Replies to Best Physics Department

Washington Physics - Jan 17 2004 5:54PM
3 Posts

The Physics Dept and UW is pretty damn cool (and the Astronomy Dept too).  Good courses, good research and research opportunities, and the coolest physics shirts of any school.  Go Dawgs

Physics Department - Jan 18 2004 12:11AM
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So far so good. Physics does not seem to be the haze it is known to be. But the semester is young, and I know the pain is just around the corner. However, I am thankful that the staff will be there to help us during AI

University of Louisville - Jan 20 2004 2:16PM
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The profs kick it old school.