Outreach: Halloween Pumpkin Drop

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Gravity + Tall Building + Pumpkins + Cheesy Acting = Great outreach activity. Wait, is that even dimensionally correct? - Nov 1, 2004 at 11:13PM
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Heya folks, I just wanted to highlight one of our recent
chapter activities: The 17th Annual Pumpkin Drop. Held at
high noon on the Friday before Halloween, this event is
visited by college students and local school children alike.
Two of our majors dress up as Galileo and Aristotle and
debate the speeds of falling bodies. Pumpkins are used for
demonstration purposes, of course. It's a great way to get
kids excited about physics and everyone always has a great time.

Here are some details and photos:


(P.S. The local newspaper said that one of the pumpkins was
filled with 'smoke', but it was actually LN. Other fillings
during the event included water and whipped cream.)

For more information, feel free to e-mail our dedicated
chapter advisor, Dr. David Kagan - dkagan at csuchico dot edu

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