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ladies writing music?! - Apr 1, 2007 at 12:44PM
Gwen Roader
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hey guys!! if there are any ladies out there that love writing music i highly recommend you check out this contest. i just signed up for it myself.

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Re: ladies writing music?! - Apr 15 2007 1:26AM
Jennifer Nalley Avatar
Jennifer Nalley
Texas State San Ma...
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God....Music is why I am so late doing school. I used to do nothing but music. I will never love anyting more....but living in that hemisphere of the brain makes one  vulnerable to the emotional bull%$#@ that comes with it. Be a great musicion or be sane....pick one. Physics will make you crazy, but not emotionally.
Still miss it. It is the only thing that was so natural and almost effortless.

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