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Congratulations! - Feb 9, 2007 at 10:17AM
Matt Riggsbee
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2007 Nucleus Haiku Contest


Oliver Hakizimana:
Classic mechanics,
To be so old and still work;
Will you retire?

Jared LeBlanc:
Radiative heat
Streams forth from the dark abyss--
From whence does it come?

Now and then she squints
At the sight of bright sunlight
Photons hit her eyes

::::Honorable Mention::::

B. Daniels:
Push, bend, balance, pull;
The simple physics whispers
with cattail logic.

Rosy shoots of Dawn
Display the beauty that is
Rayleigh Scattering

R. Mayer:
Beautiful bubble
Raleigh's energy balance
In transient bliss

Conrgatulations to the winners, you will be contacted in the near future about your prizes.