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The Plan - May 18, 2004 at 10:56AM
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Judging from our most recent poll, a lot of
you are headed out for summer research
experiences, and we thought it would be
great for all involved if you let other
students know how things are going - thus,
the creation of the 'Summer Journals' forum.

Feel free to create your own thread - use it
for posting thoughts, experiences, or just
as a blog if you like.  The more journals we
get going, the better idea other students
will have of what's out there and what other
physics folks are up to!

We're looking at the possibility of tying
this into our 'research opportunities'
section next year, so that you can not only
see the opportunity, but also (possibly?)
the journals from anyone that has already
participated in previous years!  V. cool.

Dodge this.