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Contest Rules - Apr 29, 2004 at 10:30AM
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Best Chapter Activity

We thought it would be a good wrap-up of the
year to run a contest for the 'Best Chapter
Activity' - in 250 words or  less, tell us
the story of the 'best' thing your chapter
did this year.

Bonus points will be awarded if you
successfully upload a picture of your
chapter (or, even better, the event
described) into your profile so everyone can
see the evidence!

Of course, there will be prizes, and what's
better during finals week than FREE PIZZA

Prizes will be awarded to the chapter with
the most posts (a-la the haiku contest) and
also to the chapter with what we deem to be
the best post (humor, cleverness,

Please place your chapter name in the title
of the post.  All posts must be on the board
no later than 5pm on Friday, May 7.  
The clock is ticking!

Dodge this.

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