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The envelope, please... - Mar 3, 2004 at 11:15AM
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Thanks to all for writing some very
entertaining and well-phrased haiku!  After
input and deliberation from admins, section
advisors and other physics folk, winners
have been selected in four categories:

Concise Physics

All winners will receive an Einstein cube,
rainbow glasses and an uber-pen - these
prizes are extremely snazzy and will inspire
envy in all who behold them!

There will be NO COMPLAINING as to the
choices, since there was a voting thread
here and nobody spoke up.  Resistance is

On to the winners...

Category:  Thought Provoking
Winner:  Ivan

one explanation
intertwining dimensions
of vibrating strings

Category:  Concise Physics
Winner:  bswift

Many, many times
Will I tunnel through this wall?
Ow.  Probably not.

Category:  Humorous
Winner:  Suzi

a spherical cow,
sure that makes a lot of sense
but how would it taste?

Category:  Historical
Winner:  Zyxtan

Boltzmann kills himself
Ehrenfest does the same thing
Stat mech is harmful

Category:  Honorable Mention
Author:  Zyxtan

pricey physics text
cannot afford to buy it
too big to xerox

Dodge this.